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The main problem with this blog is that it's about me. Though I may be captivated by all that I write about me, I doubt that anyone else is. In fiction you can write about yourself under the guise of writing about made-up people.

I live in Budapest, Hungary; I'm here studying music. My father's a diplomat and was posted here for three years. When he got a new assignment in Africa (Libreville, Gabon) my older brother began attending college in the States (Notre Dame), and I decided to stay here. I study piano with a private teacher and attend a music high school for other subjects like solfege and music theory.

I'm interested in people. I enjoy watching them in the buses, on the sidewalks, and in the underpasses. I like listening to them. And I like writing about them. I haven't quite figured out yet how much of a person's art comes from themselves or from the people around them.

Because Daddy's in the Foreign Service, we've traveled a lot. I've lived overseas since I was five, with only relatively brief returns to the United States. This has had the result of making America a foreign country to me: strictly speaking, it is not my home. There really isn't a culture or society that I feel is my home, as I've grown up in so many. Being homeschooled has added to this effect.

I expect it would be good to thrown in a mention (for effect) at this point of the failed mutiny we lived through in Central Africa, and of the riot that took place when we were in China. The latter resulted in our being evacuated from our apartment behind the consulate to a hotel, and the former in our being evacuated back to the States, though in both cases Daddy had to stay behind. During the riot I remember being frightened by the burning down of the consul general's residence next door, and by the thought of how small the walls around our apartment building were. My brother and sisters slept through that night. During the mutiny, I recall continuous gun fire (I was ten at the time) and driving in a military truck through town and not being able to take off at first for Cameroon because of fighting near the airport.

On a final note, my favorite Agatha Christie mystery novel is And Then There Were None.



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wTuesday, January 11, 2005

I am currently still updating Silent Tunes, but may soon switch to just anath/answer. Therefore, if you are an actual reader (gasp) you are encouraged to make the switch to the new site:


Well, here I am back in Budapest. I got home from the airport about ten last night, but of course I didn't go to sleep without surfing and reading first. Not surprisingly, I could barely keep my eyes open in church today. I think a brief sleep is in order before I do a little practicing.

It's awfully disorienting coming here from Africa. But as I poke around the apartment, putting things away, testing out how my pianer survived my absence, it is starting to feel like the beginning of a new year, not just the end of an old one. I hope I do a lot this semester. I have a couple of projects to start on this very week in fact, the first being a music gallery to add to this site. I downloaded a recording program, as it is very useful to record and listen to yourself. Useful, but somewhat horrifying. Anyway, if I ever get a reasonably passable recording of any piece, I'll put it up here.

Poor Jesse is still en route back to the States. I am always glad I am coming from Budapest vs. South Bend. Of course, now I can no longer crow over that, as from this summer the whole family will be in the States already and I will be the only one trekking from overseas to join the joyful gatherings. For now I'm glad I don't have any plane trips in the near future. One sure drinks a lot of coke on planes. At least, I tried to. But the steward told me that coke isn't good for you, you can't tell what's in it, and he only drank it when he was tired of life. So here, why don't I try some sweet pear liqueur. I tried one sip and it tasted pretty awful. So after laughing at the expression of my face he gave me some coke.

So now here we are, back again. Ready for practicing. But first...a little snooze...

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wSaturday, January 01, 2005

I just finished putting together a new site and I want to beg anyone who stops by here to visit and give me suggestions. Please? Pretty please? Here's the link:


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wSaturday, December 04, 2004

It's been an awfully long time since I wrote but I don't really feel like apologizing, so I won't. The piano department at my school had a recital last night in which I took part, and I decided if it went well I would come on here and gloat. If it went badly I considered coming on here to sob. Fortunately, it turned out gloat-worthy. I've had trouble with uncontrollable nerves in the past, but fortunately this time around it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I had two pieces: the slow movement of a Mozart sonata and a Scarlatti sonata. The Mozart was ready a good while before the Scarlatti so unfortunately by the time the concert came round I was a bit tired of it, and that was audible in my playing. But the Scarlatti sounded pretty good, in my opinion.

The piano did not meet Her Highness's approval. It's a Petrof piano, and I didn't like the touch (uneven, not sensitive) or the sound (clear but slightly metallic). Speaking of pianos, I'm getting a new one! We have given up on the old Bluthner and are accquiring a Hofmann. It has a nice warm tone and an excellent feel. My parents are loaning me the money for this; I'm supposed to pay them back at some point. So I have gone several thousand dollars in the red. But it is a very nice piano.

I have a grand total of two friends now. Well, I was out with a couple of guys the other night who said they counted as friends too, but I hardly know them. But there are two girls (one Hungarian, one Swedish) I know who I can definitely categorize as friends. As compared to cordial acquaintances, of which I have plenty. The Swedish girl is named Rebecka and speaks really good English. She's a singer and we practice solfege together.

The family will be going back to the States next year, for which I am thankful. I was rather hoping they wouldn't again go somewhere as inaccessible as Gabon. Daddy won a State Department fellowship which lasts for a year. He plans to spend it traveling through the US studying and writing on American education. He and Mama are very happy about this, I think. Naomi usually has an 'I don't care' attitude when it comes to the question of where the family moves next. Sarah is definitely looking forward to seeing some of the places they plan to go. Like New York, Chicago, San Francisco. I'm jealous.

The Hungarians are voting tomorrow on whether to give the poor oppressed Hungarian brethren living beyond the borders offical Hungarian citizenship. Blah. The fuss they make over this is unbelievable. These are Hungarians living in Transylvania and various territories which since World War One have belonged to other countries. This is one of the few political happenings to actually reach my radar screen (yeah, I'm bad), as they keep mentioning it in church, urging the congregation to vote YES. Fortunately they should get it over with tomorrow.

Finally, I shall inflict on poem on you before closing. Just because I feel pleased to have written one.

Raise a Dead Soul

Raise a dead soul
By clanging the sword
Open blind eyes
By bathing them in blood

Darkness ripped by stinging light
The wind brings a heavy roar
The earth beneath tilts
As rocks crack

Numb ears brought to music
By piercing with a stave
Twisted feet can dance
By rubbing them on gravel

Grave stones topple
Dust pours forth
Blood rains, dotting the ground
Thunder and lightening crash together

Raise a dead soul
By pain and anguish
Call forth life
By death

Okay, so it didn't turn out as well as I thought. Ah well...comments for improvement welcome. :) As well as title suggestions, as usual.

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wTuesday, August 31, 2004

My angst tastes like...
black licorice
Black Licorice
Find your angst's flavor

Unique and difficult to place, your angst finds its source in something you keep hidden. You have something serious and possibly traumatic, but you try to hide it from everyone and just tell them to ignore you when you seem troubled, that everything's really OK. You might think that you have good reasons for not telling people, and some of them may in fact be true, but most likely a lifetime of keeping your secrets has led to a resolution fortified by rationalization that nobody else can shake simply because you never give them a chance. Ask yourself if it would really be that horrible to open up to others; nobody says you have to do it all at once, even. But you should at least try getting out of your shell a little. It's not healthy to internalize everything and conceal it. Anyway, if people really care for you, and they probably do, then they'll be loving and supportive regardless of any reason to the contrary.

I always knew I was sick. I'm back in Budapest but am feeling too lazy to update now. Shall attempt to do so later.

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wWednesday, July 21, 2004

Teaching is fun, did you know that? I, Rebekkah Laeuchli, have been teaching English for about three and a half weeks now to a very nice four year old French boy. He's extremely well-behaved. He already speaks some English and part of the class is just devoted to playing games and looking at books so he can practice that. The other part is trying to teach him to read. He's been going to an American school, and I must say they did a very poor job. They taught him the names of the letters but neglected to mention that letters actually have a use, i. e., they make sounds. So that's what we've been learning. He's caught on pretty quick. Now we're trying to move on to the idea that you put letters together to make words. Unfortunately, he and his family are going on vacation soon, which will put a stop to my teaching career.

French is also fun, did you know that? It translates so directly into English that it's beautiful.

One of my poems placed first in TYWC's annual poetry contest. I can't say it's a great accomplishment but I was pleased anyway. I thought my poem would probably win. There's modesty for you. Voila the link.

Sarah is coming to Budapest! Sing Hallelujah and Hosanna! After my brother and I leave Gabon the family are going to India to vacation for a month. They come back via Paris and my sister is going to stop off in Hungary for a few weeks. Naomi insists she's old enough to come too but she hasn't managed to convince les parents of that.


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wWednesday, June 23, 2004

There's no one like Leopold. No one.

I am in GABON! You have no idea how nice it is to be with everyone again. When I wake up in the morning I have to remember a) where I am, and b) what day it is. The answer to both is generally satisfactory, since I'm not supposed to be doing any practicing till next week.

My sister takes French lessons with a teacher at the embassy and I'm going to start today. I hope I learn more than I did at the French Institute. Will let you know.

It's not very hot here, as a matter of fact. It's the dry season and often cloudy, but it doesn't rain. So we've been playing tennis. Of course, the lack of sun means I did buy those new sunglasses for nothing, but what the heck. They're cool anyway and will no doubt come in handy at some point.

Mama is giving a Lady's Lunch tomorrow, and of course is spending most of today cooking and twitting. "There are ten people coming tomorrow, right?" says my sister. "No, ten ladies," says my daddy. One of them is French with a little boy to whom I may teach English in order to earn some moolah. Sarah teaches a couple of little Korean kids English and rakes in serious dough. Of course, they are apparently brats so the incentive has to be great.

I brought my novels along to work on and have so far not written a single word. But then I have a lot more time left. No doubt I will get to work on them soon. No doubt. Ta ta!

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wFriday, June 04, 2004

Hee hee hee. I was reading The Decameron and came across these lines:

"That which the women of the past possessed in their minds, is placed by modern women in the ornaments of the body. She whose clothes are most variegated and striped, with most ornaments, feels she ought to be much more esteemed and honoured than other women, forgetting that if such things were put on an ass it could carry far more than any of them, and yet be esteemed no more than an ass."

I've only read about a tenth of the book so far, but some of his remarks on women are hilarious. Too many to quote here. Let me just say they would not find favor with feminists.

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wTuesday, June 01, 2004

Don't look at the dates. It's been over a month, I know. Shameless, shameless.

My piano exam was last Friday. It went fine and I am relieved. Katalin said it showed well how much progress (according to her a lot) I've made since my last exam, which was in January. However (there's always an However), I'm still not on a very high level. Katalin said next year should show whether it will be worthwhile for me to continue. If I continue to progress as I have this last half-year then it should be worthwhile. Chris, unfortunately, had a totally unrealistic view of the whole thing. He told us it would take two years preparatory for me to be able to audition at a music college. Katalin said perhaps we could have an audition program ready by next year but most likely I'll need yet another year's studies. To be able to handle the requirements at college I'll need to already have a large repertoire with difficult works, which takes a certain amount of time to build up. So that was a bit of a disappointment to learn, but on the other hand I'm happy about how this last half-year went. I was close to considering quitting after the previous one, but now I'm actually enjoying music again.

In case anyone's interested, my exam program consisted of the following:

Bach three-part Inventions in b minor and A major
Mozart Sonata in B major
(No, I don't know the K. number. Maybe 570?)
Mendelssohn Fantasy in e minor
Bartok's Romanian Christmas Carols, series one
Czerny Etude

Not that I had to play all of that, but I had to have it all learned so the teachers could pick what they wanted to hear. I also played the Bartok and the slow movement from the Mozart in a small recital the Sunday before. Actually, it was my friend's recital (her whole family took part), so I didn't get to invite friends. I was told I could bring along my brother but he couldn't come. But it was fun anyway. And there were tons and tons of pastries.

Tomorrow is the last French lesson. I learned practically zilch. Maybe I can pick up a bit more in Gabon.

I have been lectured on being more Friendly. Marco (hey man) started the series and Jesse (hey bro) followed it up. Extensively. I don't want to learn to be Friendly. I hate people. People are scum. Bwahahahaha. No, not really, I just like to say that. From next year I will be Friendly, Polite, and Outgoing. Yeah.

George says I ought to write about him, but I haven't seen much of him lately.

Jesse and I went to the movies three times the first week he got here. Underworld was mildly cool and was filmed in Budapest. The plot was not what you'd call intellectually challenging though (Vampires vs. Werewolves) and they killed my favorite character. Troy was mildly enjoyable and Odysseus was good. Brad Pitt as Achilles sounded like Rusty in a tunic and shield. Didn't capture the spirit of the original and they killed my favorite character. 'Course, that happens in the original too. Van Helsing sucked. They didn't kill my favorite character because I didn't have one. We went to see VH because Sarah wanted a report on it. She thinks Hugh Jackman is the greatest thing on God's earth. You can tell someone is getting a bit obsessed when they begin wishing you a Happy Hughey Weekend.

I have two more exams before leaving. The theory and music history should be all right though not brilliant or anything. The solfege should be a disaster, but I don't care.

As mentioned in a previous post the family has Internet at home now, so I should update this here thingie from Gabon. Of course, it's two more weeks till I get there so I might update from Budapest before I leave. I might. Summer feels like it's started already...

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